Fuller Figure Clothes

When choosing clothes for the fuller figure, you have to choose clothing that is both comfortable and stylish. There are many fashionable clothes that have elastic waists so that you will not feel as if they are too tight on your stomach. Choosing clothes too tight in the waist will also push up rolls of fat and will not look very appealing when you wear them, in addition to being uncomfortable.

You don’t have to wear unflattering baggy clothes just because you have a full figure. For the warm weather, you can wear Capri pants and shorts to show off your legs. Choose pants you can pair with a variety of tops, which will make it seem as if you have an extensive wardrobe. You should also look for clothes that have a stretch material built into the fabric. This kind of material won’t shrink when you wash it either and is perfect for whether you feel a bit bloated or whether you feel as if you have lost some weight.

You also have to think about length to flatter your full figure. In Capri pants, legs that come just below the knee are quite fashionable and will not make it seem as if you are wearing clothes that don’t fit properly. When wearing skirts, the cut of the material is very important. A skirt that falls freely from the hips works well and if you do have a full figure, you should not overdo the min-skirt look. These shorter skirts tend to accentuate your fullness rather than detract from it. This doesn’t mean you have to choose relay long skirts. One that comes just below the knee is the perfect length.

Tailored clothes are very flattering to the fuller figure. V neck blouses are better for people with a larger bust, avoid high neck clothes as this will make your bust look much larger. Pencil skirts are great for hour glass figures.

The key to good clothes is to start with good underwear, there is much available to help flatter your figure, ensure you wear a properly fitted bra, get measured at least once a year and replace your bra’s often as they stretch over time. Magic knickers are great for flattening your tummy and lifting your bum. There are many types of body underwear available to provide good support and body sculpting.

If you have broad shoulders, choose an inline shirt to make your body look more proportionate. This style also helps to accentuate your curves and makes you look slimmer. Choose tops that are not made of clingy material. Material that is looser will not only look great, but will help you feel great as well.

A skirtini works well as a bathing suit because it has a type of skirt that hides the top part of your thighs. You don’t have to stick to basic black because many of the print designs in swimwear also look slimming. Large prints look good on any body shape. You can wear a cover up when lounging on the beach if you don’t feel comfortable sitting around in your bathing suit. Many bathing suits for the full figured woman have these cover ups included. One thing you should never do is wear men’s shorts because this doesn’t flatter your figure at all.