Fashion Designers

Fashion designers have kind of been around for as long as we’ve been wearing clothes. There’s nothing we like more than being presented with new ideas and designs on what to wear and this is what we’ve come to expect from the fashion world. Some fashion designers are well known names all over the world showcasing and presenting their own work. Others work behind the scenes for stores and retail chains to create each season’s clothing ranges.

When we hear the term fashion designers we do, however, tend to think of the major and well-known names in the industry. Some designers create designs that most people will never be able to afford to buy; others create more affordable clothing. Generally, what is hot on the catwalk in any given clothes season will turn up in the stores in some form or other. Retail chains tend to look to designers for ideas.

Many of the items of branded clothing that we wear are designed by specific fashion designers. These items are especially popular in the casual and leisure wear market and may be available off the shelf from many retail and online outlets. It is also quite common for designers in this field to create a full range of accessories and other items that we can purchase. Some, for example, will create their own lines of perfume or aftershave.

Some fashion designers, however, won’t sell their clothing through retail outlets. They may well sell their designs to customers but these may be sold on an individual purchase basis. Often top end designers will work on a made to measure basis rather than selling off the shelf items. Some, of course, will combine both approaches and will sell some items to private clients and some to stores and other outlets.

Fashion designers will design their collections for specific fashion seasons. Most of the major names will then present their designs during catwalk shows. These shows may showcase the designs of many different designers at once or may be designed to just show the work that is going on in one design house.

Some fashion designers will design all kinds of different items of clothing for both men and women. Some will stick to designing for one sex and may only design specific types of ranges. So, for example, a designer could specialise in creating evening wear for women or both evening and day wear.