Designer Labels

We come across (and use and buy) designer labels a lot in our everyday lives. These items are popular with consumers even though many will come with a high price tag that reflects their designer status. Basically, anything that has a designer label has been specially designed by a specific designer. It may be mass-produced and easily available or it may only be produced in limited numbers and may be harder to track down to buy.

Designer labels don’t always have to be more expensive than other products. A lot of this comes down to the actual designer, how they are perceived by the fashion world and by consumers and what they produce. A top world-renowned jewellery designer, for example, may easily be able to charge hundreds of thousands for their individual pieces of work. A designer notebook, on the other hand, may sell for just a few pounds.

People pay for designer labels partly based on who designs them and also based on how they are perceived in the market. Many also do buy based on their own likes and dislikes but may be swayed by popular opinion on which labels are hot and which ones are lukewarm! In some cases designer labelled goods are readily available in general stores and retail outlets; in others they may only be available from selected outlets or from the designers themselves.

Many people associate designer labels with top catwalk fashion designers and the clothes that they produce. The fact is that many consumers buy labels on a regular basis without even thinking about it and without breaking the bank necessarily. Clothing and accessories such as leisure wear, casual wear, trainers, handbags and luggage all have well-known designers working on them.

Some people will stick to buying the same designer labels on a consistent basis simply because they like the products that are produced by the designer. Others may buy labels because it makes them feel good about themselves and because it helps them make a fashion statement. Most won’t buy just any old label here, however, and will usually have a few firm favourites that they go back to again and again.

So, for example, a consumer may buy designer labels jeans from one brand range and trainers from another. They may buy their ‘going out’ clothes from a different brand and their luggage from another. It’s even possible to buy designer label perfume and a full range of diverse accessories nowadays if you wish.